Condemnation and Eminent Domain

Walker Wilcox & Matousek LLP attorneys represent clients in eminent domain and condemnation proceedings.  We are experienced in representing condemning bodies and property owners in all phases of the condemnation process, including negotiated sales prior to the institution of condemnation proceedings.  Once condemnation proceedings are initiated, we represent clients through the entire litigation process to a determination of the final just compensation award, whether determined through a negotiated settlement or a jury trial, and if applicable, on appeal.

When we work with condemning authorities, we work to ensure that the subject property is acquired in a timely and efficient manner.  Our attorneys regularly work with veteran appraisers and other experts, and our trial lawyers have handled unique properties and complex valuation issues.  We have acquired property for a range of projects, including roadway improvements, bridges, preservation of endangered species and airports.

We also represent individuals, businesses and entities in litigation against governmental agencies.  This representation involves ensuring that proper procedures are followed to protect the client’s interests in order to obtain the highest possible award of final just compensation for the client’s loss of  property.

There is no substitute for skilled legal counsel in condemnation cases.  Our experience with the public and private sides of condemnation provides our clients a strategic advantage in these cases.  With this advantage along with our range and depth of experience, we devise creative and effective strategies to deliver success for our clients.