David Walker Wins on Motion to Compel Arbitration

David Walker recently won on a motion to compel arbitration on behalf of Walker Wilcox’s client, a corporation that provides online services to travelers, in the Circuit Court of the Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit, St. Louis City, Missouri.  The dispute arose when the plaintiff was injured while residing at the rental property booked through the client’s website.  The plaintiff brought a lawsuit seeking to recover damages for her injuries against the client and others.  The client moved to enforce the arbitration provision contained in the client’s terms of services agreement and the plaintiff opposed.  On June 18, 2019, the Circuit Court ruled in favor of Walker Wilcox’s client and granted the motion to compel arbitration.  In doing so, the Court accepted the argument that the arbitration provision was valid and enforceable and rejected plaintiff’s argument that she had not agreed to be bound by the arbitration provision and that the arbitration provision did not apply to her injury.